The Origins of Wedding Favours.

The history of Wedding Favours stems back hundereds of years. It is though that the traditions began sometime in the 16th century and spread outwards from France. Evolved from a long standing tradition where guests would be presented with 'bonbonnieres' which are intricate and delicate boxes adorned with beautiful crystals and jewels. They would contain sugared almonds or sweets. Hosts would give them out to their guests as parties and weddings as not only a sign of status or wealth but as a note of appreciation to the guests. With sugar being known at the time as having health giving properties. The gift was considered a symbol of good gesture and care extended to all guests. Sugar almonds were especially used at weddings as it was thought the sweetness of sugar and bitterness of the almonds were thought to represent the bitter-sweetness of marriage.

No one can really say if this tradition did make it's way from France to around the globe but over time the tradition has been known to be a part of many cultures around the world. In Greece it was known to give out candied almonds called 'bom bom yara'. The Middle East would give out 5 almonds per guest as a blessing of fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. In India, small packages were and still are given to guests as a way of thank you for attending. In some parts of India, it is know to give each lady who attends a small gift containing vermillon (sacred red powder know to represent prosperity).

In today's times the tradition of Wedding Favours continues and takes the form of various gifts from boxes sugar almonds, chocolates, sweets and small bubble bottles to more extravagant items such as fridge magnets, photo frames and candles.

Wedding Favours are a way the bride and groom can thank their guests for sharing their special day. Favours can come in so many shapes and sizes and ultimatley it can come down a couples budget and size of wedding party. Smaller intimate affairs can of course be treated to more special items whereas a wedding with 500 or more guests would of course be more suited to the simpler favours but however may lose personality.

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