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  • Favour Fillers

    We take a look at favour fillers and how they couples are trying different ideas to make their gifts a little more different. 

    simple favours

    Mar 21 2016
  • Baby Shower Favours

    Baby Showers are a uber cool way of celebrating the birth of a couple's child. Friends and family get together to treat the mother to be with small gifts, foods and other special items. In return it is becoming more and more popular to end the event with small baby favours which are given to the guests as a way of saying thank you. We look into the tradition and look at some of the amazing favour packaging we stock at Simply Favours. 

    simple favours

    Mar 17 2016
  • The Origins of Wedding Favours

    The history of Wedding Favours stems back hundereds of years. It is though that the traditions began sometime in the 16th century and spread outwards from France. Evolved from a long standing tradition where guests would be presented with 'bonbonnieres' which are intricate and delicate boxes adorned with beautiful crystals and jewels

    simple favours

    Mar 17 2016
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