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    You may have been invited to your friends or family members Baby Shower. A time to celebrate the forthcoming birth of a couples child. Traditionally a women's only event. Friends, Sisters and family members of the mother to be would arrange a intimate event where the mother is 'showered' with gifts for her and her child to be. Guests would bring small gifts typically including blankets, nappies, clothing and toys. Some think this is to help with the modern day costs of bring a child into this world. Others feel it's their way of sharing the love they have for the mother and child. Whichever way you want to look at it. We think Baby Showers are just to cute to miss and is a great time to spend with loved ones.

    Along with receiving gifts. The giving of gifts to the guests has become a well known factor to Baby Showers. The way this is done varies between cultures as we can see below. In India the gifts of sweet treats are given to family and friends as a way of offically announcing the birth of a child. Here in the UK, Asians will use favour boxes to hold sweet milk cakes (Penda) and deliver them to family and friends normally with a little note announcing babies birth date and name.

    Baby Favour boxes are becoming an increasingly popular way of saying thank you to the guests for bringing a gift for the mother and baby. Simply Favours stocks a range of ultra cute favour boxes in fun shapes and sizes. Pre made and filled with a a choice of contents. We can have your favours made, wrapped and finished delivered to you in around 7 working days. We also offer flat pack favour boxes if you wish to provide your own contents too!

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