• Ideas For A DIY Rustic Outdoor Wedding

    It’s been a rainy summer, and we here at Simple Favours, we can’t believe autumn is just around the corner! But although the British weather is unpredictable, it shouldn’t stop you having fun if you’ve got an outdoor autumn wedding planned.

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  • Budget Ideas For Children’s Parties

    It seems there’s great pressure on parents these days to make parties for their children extra-special. Social media bragging and boasting at the school gate have raised the bar and now it’s not unusual to find your 10 year old getting invites from anything like pamper parties at the local salon, through to miniature pony rides or a disco complete with DJ, pyrotechnics and top of the range party food.  Continue reading

  • Wedding Gift Etiquette

    According to The Knot, which is a popular wedding planning website, you should be spending anywhere from $75-$100 on a wedding gift for a co-worker, distant friend, or even acquaintance. For close friends and family, a wedding gift should be anywhere from $100-$125.

    Based on a study, The Knot concluded that on average friends spend about $79 on a wedding present for the bride and groom. While all of this data is important to consider, at the end of the day, you should really spend the amount that you feel is most appropriate given not only your relationship to the bride and groom, but also your financial situation. Continue reading

  • The Ultimate Wedding Checklist (Part 2)


    Welcome back! We hope you found our first checklist useful, so here is part 2, where we re-group, just 6 months before the big day


    6 months before…

    1. Get The Invites Ready You can purchase invitations ready-made. Or have some from yourlocal printer, or a service online. Or do them yourselves if you’re arty. And then post them out… 
    2. Look At Honeymoon Destinations And while you’re at it – check your passport is valid and whether you will need any injections. And when you’ve booked the honeymoon –don’t forget the insurance.
    3. Purchase Bridesmaid’s Dresses / Mens’ Suits Continue reading
  • The Ultimate Wedding Checklist (Part 1)


    Congratulations – you’re getting married! Here is the ultimate pre-wedding checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything, courtesy of We hope you have an amazing day!


    Long-term planning (12 months before)

    You’ve proposed (or been proposed to) – now it’s time to get the details.

    1. Start a wedding file Continue reading
  • Saving the Day with Ready-made Wedding Favours!

    When clients Jat and Priya were let down at the last moment, we were happy to step in and help save the day.

    The last thing a couple need when they’re planning a wedding, is a supplier crisis. Especially if it’s a huge Asian wedding with lots of people to impress! But life is unpredictable, and when their original supplier was unable to literally come up with the goods, Simple Favours stepped in and provided 650 ready-made wedding favours in just 3 days!

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  • Great Ideas at The Spring Fair!

    It was really exciting to visit Spring Fair at the NEC recently, and see all the latest ideas and trends.


    For those who don’t know, it’s a massive gathering of people, with a huge mix of offerings – from new products for the home and garden, through to gift ideas, DIY innovations, retail solutions, contemporary gifts and party ideas. Continue reading

  • The History Of Wedding Favours


    It’s part of a long-established tradition. The wedding table, in all its finery, always contains a little gift for the guests.


    But what is a wedding favour really for?

    As UK suppliers of wedding favours, we’ve seen over the years how a wedding favour can personalise a place setting, and liven up a table, as well as providing a lovely memento of your special day. They’re a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for sharing such a special day – and many years ago, when people were more superstitious, they were regarded as a symbol of good luck. People reasoned that if they shared their luck with others, they would share their luck with them.

    All very good reasons to include favours in your wedding – but what about its origins?


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  • Vintage Wedding Ideas

    Weddings follow trends, and if you’re of the age where friends are getting married, you’ll see certain things cropping up time and again.

    One trend that has been ‘hot’ for a while, is the vintage-style wedding. Partly because it’s timeless, and partly because, in times of unrest, we hanker back to ‘the good old days’, when things were simpler and prettier and (seemingly) less hassle.

    To create a vintage wedding, it needs a sense of style – so here are our top tips to pull it all together.

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  • What's in a favour?

    Wedding Favours are becoming increasingly popular and couples and the bride to be are on the lookout for contents that makes their special day more memorable. Simple Favours supplies regular contents such as Sugar Almonds, Chocolates and Sweets. However we are always open to trying new ideas!

    Our experience in Party Favours means we have seen many types of favour contents. Here some of the favour contents we have come across:

    • Plant Seeds - Small little packets personalised with the couples wedding date and filled with seasonal flowering seeds for the guests to take home. A nice way for your special day to be more memorable in the months to come.
    • Lottery Scratch Card – Imagine one of your guests hitting the jackpot at your very own wedding!
    • Specialist Tea's – Perfect for your guests tired feet after a great party or even better for the morning after!
    • Minature pots of honey – Get in touch with your local honey supplier and these would make a great little favour filler.
    • Music CD – Let your guests relive your day with a music CD with all the favourite tracks from your event.

    These are just some of the ideas we have come across. If you are interested in organising something a little different. Get in touch with our creative team on 01922 511 099 and let's have a chat!

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