Ideas For A DIY Rustic Outdoor Wedding

It’s been a rainy summer, and we here at Simple Favours, we can’t believe autumn is just around the corner! But although the British weather is unpredictable, it shouldn’t stop you having fun if you’ve got an outdoor autumn wedding planned.

Firstly - Think About The Venue

It’s perfectly possible to enjoy your nuptials in the fresh air, whilst staying warm and having fun. There’s a real trend at the moment for Tipi weddings, and to our mind, these combine the best of both. Lots of space under the canvas, but airy enough to keep everyone breathing clearly. Bring in some heaters or fire pits too, and people will be warm but not hot.

Or how about the park, or a local forest? Or in your garden at home? A botanical garden or a walled garden? Just think beforehand about numbers, and what you and the guests will be doing during the reception.

Failing a tipi – lots of mini shelters scattered around can look very magical as night falls, especially if they’re strung with fairy lights.

Or how about a stretch tent? Stretch tents are a fantastic way to cover any exterior space, no matter how complicated. They can range from a roof cover, through to top and sides if it’s cold or windy. That way, you can ensure everything will go to plan, regardless of what the weather decides to do.



Tie in nature’s accents here – golds, browns and fading greens. Think tree slices or stumps, wood chippings etc.

How about rustic wooden signage sprinkled throughout the venue to add a charming and simple feel? Or the happy couple’s initials carved in wood?


Fire Things Up

A bonfire is a fantastic addition. Cuddle up with friends and roast marshmallows. Grab a guitar and have a singalong – how different would that be?! So much more unusual than the standard disco or band.


Keep The Children Entertained

A treasure hunt in the outdoors would be fantastic. Hire a kids’ entertainer, or pull in a patient friend who would be happy to help out. Or set up an art corner, where they can paint and draw woodland creatures.


Magical Lighting

String fairy lights around the area. Or put tealights in old jam jars and pop them into bushes or under plants at strategic points.


Keep Off The Chill

Have piles of warm blankets available. There’s nothing that says ‘autumn rustic’ quite like a checked wool blanket.


Set Up A Drinks Station

A perfect gathering point and ideal for serving hot toddies, mulled wine or hot chocolate, to complement the roasting marshmallows.

We hope we’ve given you some ideas to be going on with. And in the event you need any favours for the tables, we’re always here and happy to help with any size order.

Have a great wedding day!


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