Budget Ideas For Children’s Parties

It seems there’s great pressure on parents these days to make parties for their children extra-special. Social media bragging and boasting at the school gate have raised the bar and now it’s not unusual to find your 10 year old getting invites from anything like pamper parties at the local salon, through to miniature pony rides or a disco complete with DJ, pyrotechnics and top of the range party food. 

But what if you haven’t got £300 - £800 to spend on your child? Panic not – here at SimpleFavours, we’ve got a host of ideas for you to make it special – whatever you can afford.

Invitations: Download free invitations that you can customise yourself. Somewhere like net mums, or Greetings Island

Share The Burden If your child has a birthday close to a friend and you’re hiring a hall, a bus or entertainers – why not suggest sharing the cost with the child’s parent? Exploit Your Connections If you have a friend who has a talent , or an interesting hobby or job – then ask them to help. Nothing excites children more than a ‘real life’ policeman, fireman or air hostess making an appearance to answer their questions.

Activities: Children are great at entertaining themselves, if you give them space to do it. Forget the costly clown or the grumpy magician. Kiss chase, tag, hide and seek, musical chairs or ‘murder in the dark’ are excellent games to get everyone involved and leaving on a high!

Or another great idea is a treasure hunt. Make a small map, or put together a selection of clues – and get the children hunting for ‘gold’ (spray-painted rocks). Hours of endless fun.

And if there’s time at the end – storytime is a great way to calm everyone down and send them home ready for a rest.

Don’t Do Goody Bags – Do Favours! Favour bags are a great idea for children. At www.simplefavours.co.uk  we have a fantastic selection available. From boxes shaped like hearts, houses or butterflies, through to organza bags, there’s a huge selection for your child’s party. And keeping in theme with this blog post, we pride ourselves on keeping our pricing realistic, whilst supplying top-quality goods.

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