Wedding Gift Etiquette

According to The Knot, which is a popular wedding planning website, you should be spending anywhere from $75-$100 on a wedding gift for a co-worker, distant friend, or even acquaintance. For close friends and family, a wedding gift should be anywhere from $100-$125.

Based on a study, The Knot concluded that on average friends spend about $79 on a wedding present for the bride and groom. While all of this data is important to consider, at the end of the day, you should really spend the amount that you feel is most appropriate given not only your relationship to the bride and groom, but also your financial situation.

After I graduated college, I attended a friend's wedding and I will honestly say that having not had a job at that time, that it was difficult for me to spend $100 on a gift for the couple so I purchased a gift that I knew she'd love, but also one that I could have afforded. I'm not sure where I learned of this rule, but if I'm bringing a plus 1 to a wedding that doesn't know the bride or the groom, I now double the amount of the price of the gift to accommodate for another guest at the wedding.

Wedding gift etiquette: What to give and how much

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