The Ultimate Wedding Checklist (Part 1)


Congratulations – you’re getting married! Here is the ultimate pre-wedding checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything, courtesy of We hope you have an amazing day!


Long-term planning (12 months before)

You’ve proposed (or been proposed to) – now it’s time to get the details.

  1. Start a wedding file  Keep everything in this – in separate clear folders. Lists, receipts, things you’ve torn out of magazines – and this handy planner! If you have everything in one place, you won’t lose anything.
  2. Set A Budget And stick to it! This combines family contributions and your own. Don’t be tempted to wildly overspend. You can make savings in certain areas and it is all achievable.
  3. Start The Guest List But don’t tell everyone just yet – things can change over time! Six – eight months is usually plenty of notice.
  4. Pin Down The Venue and The Date If you set your heart on a date, you may have to compromise on a venue. And vica versa – if you can be a bit flexible, then you’ll get the best of both worlds. Another big consideration is – are you getting married at the same venue as the celebration? If not, that’s two venues to possibly consider.
  5. Book Live Music and Photography Music – will this be pre-recorded or live? Nothing gives a wedding party a kick like a live band, so if that’s your preference – start looking now. A good wedding band may have bookings up to a year in advance. Do it at this stage – don’t wait too long. You have longer to think about the music if it’s a DJ, as they are more available. Photography – what kind? Traditional or modern? Or casual  - (ask your guests to submit photos after the event). Or do you have a talented family member you can rely on? If you want a professional – again – this is the time to book them.
  6. Videography If you want live footage of the event, you need a professional to record and edit this. Again – don’t leave it too late.


9 Months Before...

  1. Plan The Theme If you’re theming the wedding, then it could be by colour. Or perhaps you’ll name the tables by film stars, and take inspiration from there. Or by family names… imagination is the only limit.
  2. Book the flowers You may want a huge spread, or just a few hand –held posies. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – there are no rules. But make sure the flowers tie in with the theme colour of the wedding in some way.
  3. Select Your Caterer If the venue doesn’t offer catering, then you’ll need to bring this in. Or again, rely on the family pulling together. There’s something very bonding about everyone producing the wedding meal
  4. Get The Dress Sorted Hopefully you won’t put on or lose too much weight. When you buy the dress, do check how much last-minute alterations would be if they’re needed.
  5. Negotiate Hotel Rooms Many hotels offer block-booking discounts. Try and find something that’s not too expensive, and fairly close to the venue for your guests if they’re not staying overnight in your wedding venue.
  6. Sort Your Gift List register at one or several stores for things you really want. Or put it under one ‘cover all’ registration like
  7. Get A Free Wedding Website Really handy! On this you can record all the information your guests will need like date, travel info and accommodation.


6 Months Before...

(Aha! Check in to our next wedding blog – Part 2 - for the rest of our list)


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