The History Of Wedding Favours


It’s part of a long-established tradition. The wedding table, in all its finery, always contains a little gift for the guests.


But what is a wedding favour really for?

As UK suppliers of wedding favours, we’ve seen over the years how a wedding favour can personalise a place setting, and liven up a table, as well as providing a lovely memento of your special day. They’re a way for the bride and groom to thank their guests for sharing such a special day – and many years ago, when people were more superstitious, they were regarded as a symbol of good luck. People reasoned that if they shared their luck with others, they would share their luck with them.

All very good reasons to include favours in your wedding – but what about its origins?


Where did the idea of favours begin?

Wedding favours are actually a tradition that started hundreds of years ago, and, depending upon who you consult, its origins can be traced back to French aristocracy, or the Middle East.


The French Tradition of Favours

The Bonbonniere (a lovely name for a sweet box) was often found on tables at aristocratic weddings. Made from precious stones, or even crystal, these tiny boxes would contain sugar-based treats, which were considered a huge delicacy, back when sugar was hugely expensive. It was also believed to hold health-giving or medicinal properties (imagine!) – and so the almonds or Turkish delight, were treasured at such events.


Favours Around Europe

From France, the tradition then swept across Europe. The romantic Italians chose chocolate-based favours, whilst the Spanish offered vases of scent-filled orange blossoms, which would symbolise happiness and fulfilment.

Greek couples also offered favours to their guests, usually in the form of almonds, coated in candy, known as Bom Bom Yara.

The Middle East caught on too, where a bride would carefully select just five almonds for her guests – each one representing a different aspect from health, happiness, wealth, longevity and fertility.


16th Century England Catches On!

Around this time, English wedding couples would hand out 'love knots' (or ‘wish bracelet’) to their guests, often made of delicate pieces of lace and ribbon. The idea was that as the knot was tied, a union (and a wish for a happy future) was made. The tradition, and the phrase ‘tying the knot’ continues to this day.


What Choices Do I Have?

There are no rules to choosing your favours. Theme by colour, or style. Do you want them boxed, or in little glass jars? What would you like them to contain? Or perhaps it’s a free-standing gift idea, like a wedding music CD – or even a scratch card! There are no limits – just your imagination.

And the best bit is, here at we will take the hard work out of doing the favours, if you don’t have time. We have a wide range of favour boxes, ribbons and filler content to suit all occasions and pockets. Our pricing is competitive, and our preparation and delivery service means you simply choose your filling and packaging, order with us, and then forget about the hassle. Everything arrives (at your home, or the venue) – fully prepared, when you need it!


Simply, let us do you a favour!


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