Vintage Wedding Ideas

Weddings follow trends, and if you’re of the age where friends are getting married, you’ll see certain things cropping up time and again.

One trend that has been ‘hot’ for a while, is the vintage-style wedding. Partly because it’s timeless, and partly because, in times of unrest, we hanker back to ‘the good old days’, when things were simpler and prettier and (seemingly) less hassle.

To create a vintage wedding, it needs a sense of style – so here are our top tips to pull it all together.


  1. Choose A Decade

The clothing may have a hint of the decade, to tie in. A 30s neckline, or a 40s flare. Maybe an art-deco motif? It’s not essential, but helps to set the style straight away.


  1. Not Everything Has To Match

It’s all about creating a ‘feel’ rather than an overall perfect look. When it’s a country-style vintage wedding, selecting mis-matched pieces of china, for example, look fantastic and colourful.


  1. Scour Charity Shops

Although people have cottoned on to their potential more of late, you can still find fantastic bargains – especially with things like china. Fabrics are another thing to look out for – maybe you want to drape part of the walls, or create a focal point? Offcuts are fantastic for this too.


  1. Flowers Are Key

In the 30s and 40s, brides didn’t have the choices available today – there weren’t the supplies, and money was often scarce. Just a simple hand-held bouquet would have been standard – and that’s really all a bride needs. After all – it’s you they’re looking at.

Decorate your venue in similar blooms that are in season (it’s cheaper that way). Or if not flowers, then use ivy, wound around simple pots or vases. Jam jars are great too – (hand painted with table names on, or you and your partner’s name) – what a way to personalise a table.


  1. Think About The Music

Glenn Miller is evocative of the 40s. Frank Sinatra or any of his rat-pack contemporaries epitomise the 50s. Appeal to every sense when you’re thinking about the theme. Put together a playlist for the background music (during the service, or at the wedding breakfast). Or if you’re feeling a bit flush, then a live entertainer is a fantastic idea. A live entertainer can bridge the gap between them and the audience, and it’s much more interactive.


  1. Get The Favours Sorted In Advance To Save Time

The favours form a time-honoured part of the wedding table. (See our blog on History of Wedding Favours). There are so many choices, but for a themed wedding, why not take a look at our Ivory silk handbag – perfect for vintage style or art-deco appeal!

We’ve hundreds of other shapes and sizes – if you’re a little stuck on what to choose, then why not give us a call – we’re always happy to advise. And if you do choose one of our products, the best bit is, one of the services we offer is to prepare them in advance for you!

It’s a huge time-saver, and one we know all brides value hugely. Simply select your packaging, and the contents, and then we do the rest!



  1. Other Ideas For Props

Lanterns – fantastic for an outdoor evening, or to light up a venue in a romantic way as the daylight disappears. Vintage books, old sheet music, bunting, chalk boards, message trees – anything that gives clues to the time you’re re-creating.


  1. Call In The Extras!

How about a cart, laden with sweet goodies, or cheese (or half and half – some offer this service). Or a vintage photo booth as a reminder of your big day? Old ice-cream carts are also popular and also lovely additions to the venue.


Whatever your choices, we hope your wedding planning goes smoothly. And don’t forget – we can save you hours on your favour preparation. Or alternatively, just order our flat-packs from us, if you’d like to do it yourself. Have a wonderful wedding day!

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