What's in a favour?

Wedding Favours are becoming increasingly popular and couples and the bride to be are on the lookout for contents that makes their special day more memorable. Simple Favours supplies regular contents such as Sugar Almonds, Chocolates and Sweets. However we are always open to trying new ideas!

Our experience in Party Favours means we have seen many types of favour contents. Here some of the favour contents we have come across:

  • Plant Seeds - Small little packets personalised with the couples wedding date and filled with seasonal flowering seeds for the guests to take home. A nice way for your special day to be more memorable in the months to come.
  • Lottery Scratch Card – Imagine one of your guests hitting the jackpot at your very own wedding!
  • Specialist Tea's – Perfect for your guests tired feet after a great party or even better for the morning after!
  • Minature pots of honey – Get in touch with your local honey supplier and these would make a great little favour filler.
  • Music CD – Let your guests relive your day with a music CD with all the favourite tracks from your event.

These are just some of the ideas we have come across. If you are interested in organising something a little different. Get in touch with our creative team on 01922 511 099 and let's have a chat!

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